Hike and Scramble Las Vegas (HASLV) is a club that promotes FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDSHIP.  We provide hiking and scrambling experiences for all levels and types of hikers to some of the most outstanding destinations found right here in our backyard of Las Vegas.  In a nutshell, we hike and we scramble to get to the destinations, and in the process we get great exercise with a group of fun hikers, many of whom will become friends.  HASLV has an experienced group of hike leaders who will guide you on the various hikes, based on your level of fitness and skills.  Your safety is the number one priority on these hikes.

We have more than 50 hikes with varying levels of difficulty.  It is very important for you to know your capability and limitations when hiking.  If you are new to hiking, talk to our hike leaders and let them know where you stand.  It is recommended that you start with easier hikes to get in shape, learn some skills and find your comfort zone.  As you become more confident, you will be ready to move onto the more challenging hikes.  Our goal is to guide you to get into shape, enjoy the beauty of our natural surroundings and have fun in the process.  You will be amazed at some of the fantastic views, the beauty of the desert and the awesome wildlife that can only be experienced when you get off the beaten track. 

Our hike leaders are outstanding and very experienced.  Many have been leaders in other organizations and are avid hikers with many years of experience.  They know when it is safe to proceed and when it is necessary to turn around and return under more favorable conditions.  We are a volunteer based organization and we are the first, and likely the only hiking group in Las Vegas to provide liability protection for hike leaders.  Without the insurance, many leaders are not willing to assume risk responsibility, and therefore we would miss their leadership, knowledge and experience.  HASLV requires members to pay yearly dues ($25) to help offset the cost of insurance and equipment.  So, the question you may be asking is “what do I get when I join and have to pay annual dues?”


You become part of the HASLV hiking family, providing the best leaders who enjoy helping others discover new places, helping others get in shape, providing  a fun experience with others who have similar needs and goals, and they do so because they have the knowledge, experience and peace of mind with the backing of liability insurance.  They will help empower you to build confidence in your skills and that, my friends, will carry over into your personal life! If you object to paying dues, then we invite you to do your homework and shop around. Other organizations have higher fees, and some have none; however, be sure to consider the value of the leadership, management, safety record, hike availability and the goals of the organization.

So, if you are ready to take on a challenge to improve your personal life, you have found the right group. Click on this link below to fill out the membership application and become the next person to take the next step in self-improvement for a better life. 

Happy Hiking!