We have a variety of hikes which require various levels of skill. It is recommended you work your way up to the various skill levels. Each hike will have a rating to help you anticipate and understand the skill level. You hike leader will help you evaluate your skill level and will recommend the hikes you would enjoy. Here are some sample hiking destinations we lead:

Red Rock CanyonLevelMt. CharlestonLevelLake Mead LevelHendersonLevel
Six Tunnels Hike to the DamEasyFletcher PeakEasyFortificationEasyBlack Mtn Easy
White Rock Hills LoopEasyRaintreeEasyFrenchmanEasyRed Mtn Easy
Boot BoulderEasyBonanza Peak EasyHamblin Mtn Peak Easy
Kraft Mtn EasyCockscombModerate  Arizona Hot SpringsEasy
Turtlehead JrEasyMack’s PeakModerate – DifficultBowl of FireEasy
Calico Tank PeakEasyMummy ToeModerate – DifficultNorthshore PeakEasy
White Rock Springs PeakEasyMummy NoseDifficult
Gray Cap PeakEasyMummy ForeheadDifficult
Windy Pk backsideEasyMummy ChinDifficult
Global Pk backsideEasy – ModerateMummy’s TummyDifficult
Juniper PeakModerateCharleston PeakDifficult
Hidden PeakModerate
North PeakModerate 
Bridge Mtn Difficult
Mt. Wilson PeakDifficult
Pine Creek PeakDifficult