Dinorah Arambula

Mt Charleston

Who am I ?
Hiking with Me
Favorite Hikes
Who am I ?

I am Dinorah Arambula.


Back in 2009 my kidneys failed, and after a couple years on dialysis, I got a kidney transplant that saved my life.  After the recovery, I decided to do something to pay honor to my hero, so I decided to enjoy life to the fullest.  I found out hiking would fulfill that, because not only did it  keep me in shape, but also allowed me to see the world from a higher perspective and to inspire other to became donors.  I started hiking just 6 months after my transplant, and about 2 years after, I was able to summit most peaks around  Las Vegas.  But hiking wasn’t enough for me.  I needed something more,  So, I became a leader, because helping to accomplish goals is very important to me, after all, other leaders helped me to accomplish mine.

Hiking with Me

I am the photographer hiker.  Hiking with me will assure you that you will enjoy the views and scenery.  My hikes are nice and easy, with a slow-moderate pace and stops to take pictures. I love to keep the group together so there is time to socialize and enjoy nature.  I am a story teller with pictures, I will be taking group and individual pictures ( if you are ok with it).  Safety will be a priority.

Favorite Hikes

I’ve done many hikes and many peaks, is hard to pick up one as a favorite, but there are some hikes I always enjoy. These are some of them:

  • White Pinnacle
  • Sisters
  • Oak Creek
  • Macks North ( new route)
  • Windy peak

Although outside of Las Vegas, I also enjoyed hiking:


  • Mt Whitney
  • San Jacinto
  • Mount Baldy
  • Wheeler peak.

I hope you can join me in some hikes and be able to help you.