Ernesto Chavez

Who am I ?
Hiking with Me
Favorite Hikes
Who am I ?

My name is Ernesto Chavez originally from Bisbee, AZ.  Starting at an early age of 10 years old, my father took me hunting, fishing and camping.  He wanted me to enjoy the outdoors.  Honestly, the outdoors scared the hell out of me.  But, he kept trying to convince me it was awesome and peaceful.  It took me a long time to understand what he meant, and today I am so grateful for that upbringing.


Today, I still enjoy the outdoors, where I can get a great workout and enjoy the beautiful stillness of the desert area. Some of my passions include: photography, art, computer programming and hiking.  I own a picture framing gallery where I print and frame artwork.  I also sell my artwork, which is primarily landscape photography of some of the amazing places I have visited.


I have made many friends on various hikes.  We have become friends because we have common goals and we help each other and have fun in the process.  Some of these friendships are lifelong friendships.  Besides the great workout and the friendships, the best part of hiking I enjoy is that it gives me a time when I can clear my mind.  All I think about is getting to the top and how good I feel about my accomplishment. During this time, all the problems of the world disappear.  I come back tired, but my mind is clear and ready for the next challenge.


Finally, I think of the "trail" as the trail of my life.  On the trail, I have met many people, many friends and I look forward to meeting others.  Some of my friends are on their own trail, and some have passed and are on a new trail.  I believe that when my trail ends on this earth, I will begin a new trail, where I will join others who have already been there. 


Hiking with Me

My hiking pace is moderate.  While hiking with a group, my concerns are your safety and how much fun we have.  Here is a guideline list


  • Do not wander off by yourself.
  • Do not go ahead of the leader.
  • If you have to stop for a nature call, let us know.  We will wait.
  • If you need help or do not feel confident, let me know.
  • Be respectful of others - no harassment.
  • If you feel a need to hike faster than I do, go hike with someone else.
  • Tread gingerly, especially if there is loose rock.
  • If you dislodge a rock, yell "rock".
  • Pack all your trash out, leave nothing!
  • The duration of a hike is estimated.  No promise is made to be back by a specific time.  We are done when the last person is done.  We hike as a group.
  • Be prompt for meeting time.
Favorite Hikes

My favorite hikes are usually the most scenic.  I think Bridge Mountain is one of the most beautiful areas.  The views are spectacular.  The hike is challenging and memorable.  The most enjoyable moment was hiking with my two sons to Bridge Mountain.  They got to discover a new hike, and realized "the old man can still hike".  I have hiked to this location in the morning as well as the evening - the evening light is so beautiful, but to see the evening light implies you will hike out in the darkness.  Some of my other favorite hikes include:


Local Hikes

  • Gunsight from the Pine Creek approach.
  • Mt Wilson in the winter
  • Bridge Vista
  • Oak Creek Overlook
  • Mummy's Forehead
  • Hidden Peak


Zion Hikes

  • The Subway
  • West Rim
  • Observation Point


Sierra Nevada Mountains

  • John Muir Trail
  • McGee Pass
  • Kearsarge Pass
  • Mt Whitney
  • Evolution Basin


Northern Nevada

  • Ruby Crest Trail