Rob Shaw

Who am I ?
Hiking with Me
Favorite Hikes
Who am I ?

   Hello. My name is Rob Shaw. I moved to Las Vegas from Ohio in 1986. I have been hiking the Southwest and enjoying local nature and hiking since then. I have led over 300 hikes for local groups and a commercial company as well. I have led thousands of hikers to peaks in the Las Vegas area.

   I will be leading a variety of hikes and scrambles for HASLV, ranging from exercise and beginner hikes to summiting the peaks in Redrock, Mt, Charleston and Lake Mead. I have also lead out of town trips such as Great Basin NP, Grand Canyon, Ruby Mountains, Yosemite, Zion and surrounding areas. Some of these were backpacking trips in the local and Southwest area.

   The friendships I have made are lifelong and you will make them too. Come join us for many challenging and fun hikes with like minded people!

Hiking with Me

I am a moderate paced hiker. This is all relative to your own hiker fitness. For example, if you're just beginning to hike, this will seem to be really fast. If you've been hiking and in relatively good hiking fitness, this will seem moderate or possibly slow. One of the challenges is finding a leader who matches your desired pace. Every leader will do their best to hike at the posted speed and will stop and regroup as often as necessary to keep the group together. As always, communication is key. If you need to stop, relay that to the hiker nearest you so it can be passed on to the leader. We all have the same goal, to enjoy the hike we all share together. I look forward to hiking with each of you!

Favorite Hikes

Is it possible to have a favorite hike?? With all we have to chose from, probably not. I venture to say that a new hike may replace that favorite one. Of course, certain hikes with certain people may stand out. Hikes that involve weather situations may also represent that favorite or, at least, stand out in your mind.

That being said, here is my list:


  • The Ruby Crest Trail
  • Bridge Mountain- the Arch, Hidden Forest
  • Wilson Peak in Redrock via Cleaver Crack
  • Holiday Peak via the slots, Red Rock
  • Yosemite NP- Half Dome from Glacier Point
  • Mount Whitney
  • Lost Peak via Graffiti Traverse, Red Rock
  • Mescalito- quick descent route, Red Rock
  • Grand Canyon- R2R2R
  • Turtlehead Jr- Triple Slot Route, Red Rock
  • Zion Subway- top down
  • Bryce Canyon
  • White Pinnacle- Red Rock
  • The Next Hike